Blend and bottle your own Scotch whisky in the very place it was pioneered and created hundreds of years ago!

It was in the early 1800’s that Andrew Usher I (1782-1855) first came up with the concept to blend whisky, but It would take his son Andrew Usher II (1826-1898), to tame the unwieldy Scottish spirit into the consistent and smooth drink enjoyed around the world today. Andrew Usher II was born and raised in Peartree House, formally Nicolson House and named for the Pear trees flanking the entrance, planted by Ushers wife 180 years ago. Built in 1749, the house has seen many a famous resident over the years such as Thomas Blaclock (the Blind Poet) and Rabbie Burns to name a but a few. It was in this historic home that he began blending whisky with his pioneering nose and a refined palate to begin the blending revolution which would change the Scotch whisky industry forever with the release of ‘The Old Vatted Glenlivet’. Follow in his footsteps over the course of the evening by sampling and studying a range of Scotch single malts, under the guidance and entertainment of our whisky ambassadors to learn the fine blend of science, art, and interpretation to create you very own whisky in the birthplace of the Scotch blended whisky.

The single malts used to create your own blend have been supplied by Chivas Brothers, another historic Scottish blending dynasty, as well as being operators of The Glenlivet single malt distillery. Famous worldwide, The Glenlivet was distributed from the Usher’s Peartree house headquarters as early as the 1820’s and used as the foundation single malt of their original Victorian recipes.

A tasting of 6 single malt and single grain whiskies, guided by our whisky brand ambassador

Blend, bottle, and label 200ml of your own personal recipe Scotch whisky

Option to scale the blend up to a 700ml bottle for gifting, events and weddings

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