The Counting House, is an events space and bar situated within the historic building of Peartree House in the south of Edinburgh City Centre. They pride themselves on providing the best service for every event they hold, which includes several whisky tastings, events and activations. 


34 W Nicolson St

Newington, Edinburgh



The Counting House is open for specific events and tastings. However the adjacent venue; The Pear Tree is open every day, serving food and drinks. 

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The Counting House sits within the historical Nicholson House which is now named Peartree House after the pear trees planted in the courtyard over 140 years ago. 

The building is the home of the famed Usher dynasty of brewers, distillers, whisky blenders and distributors. Andrew Usher senior was a pioneer in the Scotch industry when in the 1820's and 30's he developed Old Vatted Glenlivet, the first commercially produced blended Scotch. In the 1850's his son Andrew Usher The Second developed Usher's Green Stripe and helped build multiple whisky distilleries and brands, all from the offices of Nicholson House.   


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Deanston can be enjoyed at the end of our whisky walking tours in the form of a seasonal highball, Scotch coffee or boozy hot chocolate. 


Chivas host monthly blended experiences in the home of the origin of blended Scotch.

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Image by Adam Wilson

The Counting House features on

THE EDINBURGH WHISKY TRAILS walking tour. Attendees explore the City of Edinburgh to learn its history, richly steeped in brewing and distilling whilst visiting five iconic venues to sample Scotch whisky.